Leptotes bicolor

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
each year this stick mount gets bigger. this year it bloomed for the first time. Only 3 flowers but that is a start. It has better form than some I have seen

Leptotes are looking to be reliable for me. I have one that is blooming for the second year, but the others are all first timers. Haven't decided whether to mount them all or not...
An old friend of mine, back in 1990 or so grew a Leptotes bicolor in the window of his mobile home in the trailer park. He had the plant 10 years or so. Got a CCM on it "Lakeland". Proof this species is one of the great plants for the home. Wonderfully low maintainance. Tolerates low humidity well.
I have a division of 'Lakeland', and if I don't screw it up in a few years it will be as big as the original was one it got awarded. Right now I am only getting 20 or so flowers at a time. Got it mounted on cork.

Good growing Ron. This can become an heirloom plant.
looks nice :)
Eric - I find mine like neglect. I have one on a mount, and the others in CHC in shallow pots. I ignore the pots most of the time - the mount gets watered regularly. They spend most of their time dry....
I'm envious, this is one plant I've never had success with.

I've been growing it for years and do you think I can get one flower? NO!!!!

Well done.