Lawrenceanum var. hyeanum

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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
We new from the foliage that this wasn't going to be a mastersianum (thats what it was sold as), but it looks to be the album form of lawrenceanum. Petal span about 13cm. First time blooming seedling.

It appears to have warts on the petals themselves....wouldn't that make it likely to be Clair De Lune or some similar cross? Eric
The alba maudeaes are certainly the other choice, but most of those are totally lacking in petal warts except on the dorsal edge.

Until we get some verification from the breeder I guess this is a batch of noids.:(
That's very nice flower. I remember falling in love with paphs from seeing a picture of this hybrid. Thanks!
it does look nice very crisp and clean....

with your ORS skills I can't believe you couldn't tell what the plant's lineage would be by just tasting or smelling a leaf or by looking at the plants life force :D :poke:
Thanks Lowell.:poke: Apparently evan an OG is not infalible. I did think I did pretty good to guess part of the parentage. I just got verification today that it is a maudeae (but I haven't been told what the exact parentage is yet).