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Apr 26, 2020
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4BF386CD-173A-48E8-8334-1CBADF9F6C3C.jpeg 9E046027-48D3-4E26-9EE1-2E3D242B8221.jpeg 356E6C9A-CDB0-4A39-B2DB-7096C20D875B.jpeg Hello all, I am new to Lady slipper growing but I’m pretty well-versed in orchid growing. I just bought my first lady slipper and lost the flower after two months. Which is normal. Now from the dead stem at the top of the stem I’m getting a little green leaf. Which is weird because the whole stem looks like it’s dead. Can somebody tell me what’s going on here? I would really appreciate it. It’s very strange. Also including pictures of my orchids. Just to show
. I was thinking maybe the same but I’ve never seen a green healthy bud like that from a dead looking stem. I guess time will tell. I’ll definitely update this thread.

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