Lady Isabel 'Angel Light'

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Currently in bloom. How do you like the lighter colors?


Side Shot

Jmoney said:
nice! is this made with platyphyllum (stonei latifolium)?


Actually, I just checked and it is. Does this change the name?

I thought the petal patterning (and color) was more consistent with platy. I believe platy x roths has been registered as Wossner Rothplat. (just kidding, someone beat him to it, it's called Paph Taiwan).
Absolutely stunning, I bet Olaf would be interested in this photo for his looks like he registered the cross in 2003
With that sky background I almost expect to hear a deep voice saying "And on the 8th day God created the paph"
I prefer stonei hybrids over platyphyllum for the rich mahogany stripes and the cherry red pouch...that said, I think most will agree that platyphyllum overall is a MUCH more vigorous grower...and we all know about the stoneis that just sit and sit and sit and then die.
I'm content to wait for a stonei that actually looks like a good grower (and rumor has it a few ARE out there). I don't need more deadbeat paphs that sit around and do jack ****.