L. anceps 'SanBar Pinkie' HCC/AOS

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bench72 said:
Nice, those are some extra wide petals!

Thanks. L. anceps is one of my all time favourites. This is their from their "Pink Perfection" strain, a cross of (L. anceps 'Marble King' AM/AOS X L. anceps 'Wallbrunn' AM/AOS). The best of the strain so far is "SanBar Invincible". My division hasn't bloomed yet, but here's a photo from SBOE.


Incredible isn't it?
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Are they very big flowers?

My anceps are so star shaped in comparison... and the biggest at only 4 inches wide... hmm... I'm now thinking of ditching them all :sob:

this is the biggest of the lot


and this is the least awful in shape (I think)


so should I chuck em out?
When SanBar Pinkie was awarded, it had a natural spread of 11.8cm which is about 4.65 inches.

L. anceps veitchiana "Elizabeth's Eyes' was awarded in 2004 with a 10.1cm spread which is about 3.97 inches. So 4 inches is just fine.

I'm not sure what the spread of SanBar Invincible is, but SBOE is pretty sure it would/will get an FCC if/when it's shown, so it must have pretty good size too.

The shape on your first one is not too great, but the second one is certainly great. Definately a keeper. What's the size on that one? I think it's great!
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Very beautiful anceps!!! yall let me know if your ready to divide one of those beauties ;)
ok, so the second one is just on 3.9... but it is a first blooming so, can it/ will it get better?

also, that second one is called Laelia anceps var veitchiana x sibling

but I thought var Veitchiana is suppose to be the white with a 'blue-ish' lip so could crossing two siblings produce a pinkie?