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Bad bad bad. If you like paying wayyyy too much and getting plants that drop all buds immediately and are full of bugs then buy here and from partner company Orchids In Bloom.
Dishonest, complete criminals, and then they say “All sales Final””
I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience somewhere, but I can’t think of where the issue here may have popped up. In the four years of working with Krull-Smith, we have very rarely had any issues with pests. I just did a quick search in my emails and the last time I could find something about a client with any pests was September of 2020 with someone that found a snail in their pot. It’s possible that something else may have popped up at one point and I wasn’t made aware of it, but it is certainly not a common issue.
Additionally, we don’t usually offer plants in bud for shipping as too many variables can cause bud blast but we do try to ship buds when they’re available, we just don’t guarantee those as they’re supposed to be a nice surprise rather than an expectation.
We are definitely not affiliated with Orchids in Bloom other than the fact that they purchase plants from us occasionally.
I have also never said, nor been told to say all sales final. If we have made a mistake somewhere, we like to correct it.
We keep our standards high and offer great quality which is why we’ve grown as much as we have. Every time we go to a show, we are always one of the biggest booths and one of the first to sell out, so our customers generally know this as well.
If you’ve had any issues I would definitely like to hear more and would love to talk about it if you would like to send me a private message.
You do realize that this is a 17 year old thread?!
They made the account right before commenting on the post so they were looking for something to air a grievance on. Hopefully I can get in contact with them to figure out what the grievance is.

Just to bring back the original thread (even though it is 17 years old), our policy usually is that if someone requests an unbloomed plant and we still have plants available, we will get them unbloomed plants. If they are not available, we will contact the customer to let them know so they can either change the order or we can cancel it.