Jerry is coming to Europe in Oct 2010!

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Jerry will be coming to Europe in October again, so if you want to order some unique and hard to find orchid species and hybrids, this is your chance! This is from Jerry himself:

To all our EU customers:

Once again, I am planning a trip to the EU in early October 2010, entering through the UK. In the past, we have tried shipping both from Germany and the UK, and we have found the UK to be both faster and easier because we clear customs ourselves. When shipping from Germany, there have always been delays that put our plants at risk.

Because I am coming through the UK, additional fees are involved. DEFRA (the British permit authorities) requires import fees of £59 per genus. Because of this, I must narrow my offerings to Paphiopedilums, Phragmipediums, Cattleya, and Phalaenopsis. These genus fees will be covered within the handling fee. (See below)

If you are interested in any other genus, you can order those with the understanding that you will either have to pay the additional genus fee yourself, or if other customers order the same genus, the fee will be divided on a per plant basis. We apologize for this inconvenience but we see no other way to precede given the DEFRA import rules. Once we have collected all orders, we will be in contact with you as to the status of these other genera in your order. You can then decide whether you wish to continue with that part of the order and pay the additional fee.

When placing your order via our website, please select plants that are noted “CITES-approved for export.” The deadline for placing orders is August 15, 2010. Please note: No changes can be made to orders after August 15, as we must begin preparing the required documents. It takes several weeks to process the paperwork for an October departure.

We have added many new products since our last offering. You can see these new products by going to the ‘Advanced’ search on our website and looking in ‘Added to Inventory in’ link and choosing the ‘last 6 months’ option. The items will then be listed from the oldest added to the newest. They are not listed alphabetically or by category.

We have added a few new sales items like 4 packs of different categories of plants. To see the most recent sale items, go to the top of our website and click on the ‘Sale’ button.

We are slowly beginning to offer flasks and as time goes on we will be adding more. To see these, type in ‘Flask’ in the advanced search, and click ‘Go’. We will also be adding new plants and photos within the next 2-3 weeks, so check back to see what’s new but going to the Advanced Search and click on ‘Added to inventory in ‘This Month’ or ‘Last Month’.

Once your order has been reviewed and finalized, payment in due IN FULL no later than August 18 to hold your order.

Payment must be made in US dollars via credit card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover) or PayPal. Wire transfer is no longer an option unless your order is over $1000US.

We have raised our minimum order to US$300 shipped to one address. You are welcome to combine orders with friends to reach that minimum, as long as the order is shipped to one address, and one payment is made.

We have changed our fee structure from prior trips:

An additional 25% will be added to your order to cover document processing fees (4 genus fees, CITES permits, import permit, phytosanitary certificate), baggage fees, AND shipping within the EU. One exception will be the shipping of extra-large plants such as some Cattleyas, as these may require extra baggage/shipping fees due to size and weight. These possible additional costs will be calculated once we have your final order and will be charged once the order is received.

Your order will be shipped by AirSure or ParcelForce from the UK to other countries within the EU. Large orders may require shipping by FedEx or another carrier and may cost more to do so.

If the plants you receive do not do well in the first 2-3 weeks, please notify us and send pictures by email, if possible. I assure you that we will replace those plants on one of our next visits.

If you have any questions, please email us at: [email protected]. Thank you.

Jerry Fischer
President, Orchids Limited