It Is A Sign Of Divine Providence Intervention

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Mar 7, 2007
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Last night , I was going to bid on something I really wanted on ebay.
As I was about to hit the confirm button, the darn mouse arrow drifting away to the edge of the screen & disappear.
I tried & tried , still no pointer back.
By the time I managed to restart the laptop, the bid was over. And the winner was for such a small amount that made me want to chop the mouse to pieces and feed it to the cat.:sob:
Clearly God does not want to me to have it, further more, I think she does not want me to buy anything more on ebay, because the pointer arrow still drifting away all the times now.
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Voodoo, without a doubt.
Heather,Ki & Julia
For a moment my suspicious mind works overtimes & it comes up with the scenario that the winner actually be able to hack into all of the other bidders who has the "ebay item" on "WATCHING FEATURE":D
But the drifting never really gets cured after the bidding is over (so the theory is just a creature of imagination) it still doing it moonwalking dance to the border. Swear to God, it really.. really looks like it moon walking away.