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I found this forum while looking for the information on Neofinetia falcata, and now I think I need some slippers, too :) I am still just thinking about getting one though, since after looking at them I seem to fall in love with the more difficult and slow species (like paph. sanderianum). I don't want to kill anything, much less something so expensive, so I am looking for something else to start with. I hope to find something soon, maybe some hybrid, as I understand they are usually more forgiving. Any suggestions are appreciated :)

Welcome, Olga.

One way to get into a group of orchids, like slippers, is to buy something you like really well. You'll read up on it, ask questions, and learn how to grow it. Then you will be ready for more...
Thank you, everyone!

Heather~ I actually looked at Michael Koopowitz, I'll have to check Kolosand as well. Will they be able to survive in a less humid environment? I think my maximum is around 60%, and sometimes it drops to 30... It is my major concern at the moment.

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