I HATE this hot weather...

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Thank you Tom. I'm trying to take care of four dogs and cat and 100 acres of
land plus greenhouse, nursery, home, work shop and garage. I don't have
time to take care of myself even if I knew how.
You are correct about the British use of the term. Particularly, Renaissance English
during the upheavals between Catholic, Protestant, extreme Protestant sects. It
seems Elizabeth won out on that one.
Great info, Angela!
Though, I wonder, what it makes of me? A renaissance man or just a hopeless antiquity (i know which option junior, 13 y.o., would unanimously vote for 😁)
Ms. Angela,
My deepest condolences about your husband…So sorry.
This is my first summer with a GH, and I might say a trying one. I have tried a Portacool evaporative cooler 3300cfm and it wasn’t big enough. I have 60% shadecloth with 70% aluminet over the top of it. Yesterday’s temps in the GH were 101, but outside temps were about 99. Today’s GH temps peaked at about 93 with outside temps close to that. I have a 42” fan pulling a lot of air through the house and I have been keeping the temps close to outside temps. I’m in Western Kentucky, you and I are experiencing the same hot temps and summer has just started. With that said, I have seen very little visible heat stress on all the orchids. Cattleya’s, Phrags and paphs all seem to be doing ok. Perhaps I will see some effects any day but, not yet. I have been watering about every other day…sometimes more often. Caudatum’s as of yet are showing no I’ll effects. Cattleya warscewiczii are putting on new growths. I have some that are old enough to bloom this year, but no sign of buds yet.
Anybody else with a greenhouse fighting to keep temps. down? My temp. reached over 80F today
with wet wall, fans everywhere and three humidifiers going full blast...also a running fountain and
hosing down floor. I'm thinking through-the-wall air conditioner possibly. Feed back anyone?
Angela do you get enough of a temp drop at night? My GH often get into the mid 80s but cools at night. Are you losing plants?
Folks in hotter drier areas (Sacramento) often use an air conditioner to help balance the temp however they can be expensive to run and can dry the air (may not be an issue if you have enough humidity).
I'm getting about 10F drop at night with total humidity of 90 or so. I haven't lost any
plants nor seen any damage, but I have to have something to worry about I suppose.
I do have a couple of besseae crosses that seem to be suffering the most...Barbara
LeAnn 'Foxcroft' and perhaps another one I don't have written down in my inventory