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yeh. i just got back from a week at home with the folks so i've got a bit of pent up energy...
Heather said:
Do I always finish with the Phrags? Nope, sometimes I do the Phrags and the Paphs on different days even. No rhyme or reason to it. Last week I don't think I did the Phrags that Wednesday, the afternoon/evening of which I broke out.

OK, a point for besseae, she has an alibi for that Wednesday.

Don't have a habit of eating chocolate, nuts, or salmon as a reward for my hard work. :)

Why not, don't you know what treats are for?

I wondered about the lights also. I have three types, all in the same growing area. The phrags have compact fluorescents, the middle Paph area has a 400W Metal Halide Lamp and the outer edge areas have 160W mercury vapor wonderlites. But all the lights are in the same room.

I wonder if the Metal Halide or Vapor lights actually do emit some metals. Perhaps the glass tubes don't contain all the particles? Or maybe the heat from the lights is causing nickel to be thrown off from the reflectors?
Ooh I know!! When my "ex" and I were really going through troubles and I thought that she was poisoning me because I got sick every day it turned out that I had become lactose intolerant and was suffering from my daily cereal and milk routine. If you're not lactose intolerant maybe its the nickle particles your ex sprinkled in the bedding! :evil: :poke:

Gotta ask a couple of questions that may get the wrong reaction.

Do you use a rollon antiperspirant Heather?
Is the sensitivity worse in high or low temperatures?
Is it only ever on the sensitive skin areas of the face?
So, O.K. it only ever lasts 24 to 36 hours - What happens if you don't scratch?

If I scratch my skin you get to see the fingernail marks for houirs (sometimes, it depends where I scratch) Does your sensitivity display in this way or does the "red" spread?

Is Zinc the only thing that you've tested positive to on the allergen side of things? I'm thinking leaf tip or pot contact with skin/fingers and this contact exposing you to other potential allergens.

Lastly, is it that much of a worry?


Let's see....

~antiperspirant - nope, i use one of those crystal things
~Sensitivity is worse if I sweat, but not really temperature related (maybe a little worse in the summer by default?)
~Just on my face, sometimes my earlobes but not always.
~I don't really scratch, it more makes me rub. I try not to, but it's more of a sensation than an itch to scratch, really. Very hard to explain.
~I tested positive to nickel, not zinc.

Is it much of a worry? Well, am I going to stop growing besseae and her relatives? Not until I have a good amount more evidence!

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