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Sep 14, 2006
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New York City Apartment
I would like to thank NYOrchids for putting me onto a great tool. On eBay I picked up a 10 jet ultrasonic fogger. This thing is great. I have it on an electronic timer to go for 15 minutes every 3 hours. I have the fogger units in the same trays I use for my hydro growing for Phrags but w about 4" of water. I've put plastic "eggcrate" to cover the container and have my Pleuros and Masdies on top. I'm not home a lot but when I am [Usually for the 9PM and Midnight show] I stop what I'm doing to watch the fog billow out and swirl around the pots and mounts! Wow that thing is great. It makes a mockery of the cheapy one fogger units. I'm sure all the plants will benefit from the increase in humidity. :drool:
I have heard they only last about 3000 hours (4 years at your rate). I guess if they are cheap enough that does not present too much of a problem. I wonder how there effectiveness is over their life span????
The floors are trashed underneath the poly-ethylene sheet. And I think the unit will be okay if I replace the disks. And anyway 4 years is plenty.
I'd love to see your setup....I'm doing some cooler orchids and I'm all for upgrading
Could you give a little more detail on the unit (name etc.) and the seller you got it from. A picture of it in action would be cool to see as well.

Finally got a photo, I will get the unit and transformer tonight, there is no manuf. listed. Just search ultrasonic fogger on eBay.