How do you stake your bloom spikes?

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I always thought it was cool to let the plant do whatever it wanted to and let the spike grow naturally, but some blooms just don't cooperate and it's much nicer to present them with a support for best viewing. I've always used slender bamboo or long shish kabob stakes, and they work OK, but I'd like to know what other people use that work well, specifically for slipper orchids, and are pleasing to the eye. My plants also seem to "fight" the staking a bit and I end up with squirrely spikes anyways. Any hints to the art of staking? Feel free to demo with photos and such. I'd love to see!
It depends on the plant and the situation. Small species, if they are going to shows, I use a sturdy floral wire wrapped in brown or green floral tape. I also use bamboo stakes and metal ones with a 1/2 loop at the top.
as you all probably know, the natural tendency is for the darn flowers to tilt forward, to shield the pouch from collecting rainwater (which causes rot in the flower). I like to stick a bamboo stake to make sure the spikes stay upright but loosely tie them up, although most slippers have fully self-sustaining inflorescences (bellatulum and some of its hybrids being notorious exceptions). then after the flower is open a full 3+ days, I tie it right up near the pedicle so the thing faces ME at eye level and not the ground.

and of course keep the plant facing the light source. you can also tilt the back end of the pot up a little bit as the flower opens to trick the flower into setting at a better angle for viewing.