How Cold Is It?

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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
It's so cold........that the Paphiopediums are tucking their petals in their pouches!


Paph (Betty Bracey x Skip Bartlett)
It is so cold my greenhouse door is frozen shut and I can't get it open... I suppose it will thaw out eventually.
I watered everything Sunday afternoon. And if the heat goes out I am screwed anyway. So I'm just going to wait for a thaw. If we don't get one in the next few days I'll get the sledge hammer out.

I have decided that I'm going to think in degrees Kelvin from now on. It was 250K last night. Quite warm in relation to almost the entire universe!
Here is cold too, but it isn'n unusual. February is a month with very freezing temperatures.

Today -31ºC/ -24F


My house door was frozen shut also. My friend had to chip for quite a while to free it. I don't know why we live in Michigan. I suppose it is beacuse we were born here and didn't know any different until it was too late,we had already put our roots down here.

I'm ready for spring.

It has been cold in my basement growing room too....low around 60 and high only getting to 82....the humidity is all over the place.