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Just joined this forum, I have been active on the Orchid Board and through that site became more informed and then, dared to buy my first Paphs. Before then, I started with a Phrag. besseae, it was a success, so I went on to a compot of Phrag lindleyanum, in which most are doing well, and then to Phrag. Grande. Now I have P. delenatii, and P. primulinum. So that' my story and I plan on growing on it.
Welcome to the forum :) (Trying to think of a random comment to make about Heather....) Sounds like you have a great slipper collection going :) You must be about ready to try some multi-florals... j/k :) Nice to have you here :)

Matthew Gore
Hi Erin, I glad to see you made it over here too. Matt's right, you need some multi-florals, I just started with them and they grow like weeds, no really...they do.:evil:
Ha Ha, you guys are funny, that what was one of my most recent questions on OB. Multi-florals vs .....It was explained and now I think I understand, now it's just getting familiar with what is and isn't a multi-florals,......and I'm thinking they don't grow like weeds, right?
A few of them do grow like weeds, actually. Lowii and haynaldianum grow really quickly, in my experience. Most people have rothschildianum and philippinense and sanderianum in mind when they say multi-floral, though, and they are all pretty slow.

- Matt
Hi Erin,

Welcome and enjoy posting, teaching and learning!

PS: I am surprised that Heather didn't ask why you didn't go by esunwoman!
Well, Peter, since YOU asked, I'm not very womanish! I've always been a Tomboy:)

And Lance, you're in Nipomo, I tried stopping by a place that had an "orchids" sign on the side of the green house. Is that you?

And Lowii do grow like weeds, cool, because I've wanted one for a long time but I keep getting out-bidded by people on ebay. So I've decided to just wait for a bit, and find one on my own time

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