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I'm happy to have found the Slippertalk Forum! I have been growing orchids for 20 years. The first orchid I purchased was Oncidium varicosum 'Rogersii', which eventually died. The second orchid I purchased was Paph. sukhakulii, which I still have. I currently have 500+ orchids in a 9'x21' lean-to greenhouse of which 238 are paph's. I only have 22 phrag's but that number will probably grow as I create more growing space. I am just about out of space in my greenhouse. There are catt's, phal's and other genera that will be finding their way to my local orchid society's sales and raffle tables in coming months so I can make room for more paph's and phrag's!

I look forward to learning from all of you and sharing your enthusiasm for slipper orchids!:)

P.S. I also grow native slippers in my perennial garden; Cyp. reginae(which has yet to bloom)Cyp. pubescens and Cyp. acaule. I also grow Goodyera pubescens and Spiranthes cernua.


Hi PaphPerk!

Another Mainer!!! Welcome! And you have a greenhouse, too!!! Please post photos of your plants and greenhouse. How do you find maintaining a greenhouse in this cold climate? My dream is to have a greenhouse someday, but the rising cost of fuel scares me.

Looking forward to you posts!!:)


Thanks for the welcome! I tried posting a picture but couldn't make it work for some reason...,I'll keep trying.

I live in Midcoast, Maine; Bath to be precise. Yes, heating costs are a major factor. I use a vented Rinnai propane heater in my greenhouse. I try not to think about my propane bills to come. Still, it's well worth it to me.


Welcome, Paphperk!

This is a great forum! You will enjoy it! We look forward to seeing your photos!

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