Hi and thanks for having me on. My beautiful cattleya is starting to have these weird things on their leaves...can anyone pls pls tell me what

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If you look at the image way down, that copper or orange blushed leaf is pointing directly at an Oncidium Alliance type pseudobulb to my eyes.
Then just slightly to the left of that you can see through an open spot in the image, the rug, the floor, a chair in the background and then just to the left of that you can see a bright, green, Oncidium Alliance type of a new growth.
I think these are all parts of the same plant, quite possibly like a Sharry Baby or something similar.
Caroline, welcome to Slipper Talk! Re the spider mites/false spider mites (I agree with this), go on the St. Augustine Orchid Society’s website and search for pests and diseases. You will see photos of just about everything, but they also have charts of what pesticides to use for what and how often. The rule of thumb is to spray 3 times at whatever interval is suggested.