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My name is Bill.
I have been growing Orchids for a little over a year. Mainly Phals and some Dens. I purchased my first Paph about 3 months ago at the Santa Barbara Orchid fair.
I grow my Orchids outside in a shade house. It stays between 50-70% humidity and up to 3000 foot candles of light at the top. There is very good air circulation with three fans.
I generally like to keep a natural look. I have broken concrete planters where I planted ferns and keep a few Bromeliads. I have mounted some Phals to the concrete and many to cork around the walls. I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate Slippers into the garden and still keeping with a natural "wild" look. A bunk of little clay or plastic pots doesn't fit the whole theme. I am having the same trouble with 10 or so Dens that I just have sitting in pots on a table.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Welcome, Bill. I agree with Heather -- it would be great to see photos of your growing area. It sounds really different and interesting.
Here are a few images of my garden. Hopefully you experienced experts can give me a few ideas and growing tips. Thanks to Mathew Gore I have a few more on the way now.


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Interesting. It looks like a nice retreat.

When people put together "natural" displays for orchid shows, they usually incorporate ferns, spanish moss, tree limbs, driftwood, rocks, etc. You have some of that, but maybe more would help get the look you want?
I disagree. That garden is completely beyond help. You should give it away immediately. I will be more than willing to assist in the "disposal" of all your substandard plants. :rollhappy: :D :rollhappy:

Actually, I think it looks great! I wish I had a space like that.
youre right, its crap, come take it all. Or should I throw everything in the trash.