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I guess it is time for me to step out from the shadows. I learned of this board through a message in OSF and thought I'd check it out. I've been here for a few weeks already "lurking". Thought it was time to sign up and begin participating. Thank you for being here with a refreshing community.

Orchids hit my radar when I was 11. My dad gave me two orchids (a noid Phal and a Paph Rosy Dawn) for a b-day present. I joined the NW Orchid Society in the early 70's, met many wonderful people, and began absorbing knowledge .. and plants. My original two orchids were dead inside of 6 months but by then I was hooked. And my collection has grown and changed ever since.

Today, I have a mixed bag collection -- a bunch of masdevallias, some phals, a few bulbos, two sobralias, mini and compact catts, lots of species, a good number of paphs, and loads of (my favorite) phrags -- 260 plants in all. They are sharing my apartment and growing in a north-facing window wall. When I first moved in here, I supplemented with a 125-watt florescent bulb. Then I discovered T5 florescents. Oh man, what a difference! There are now 3 four-foot fixtures, two are 4-bulb and one is an 8-bulb. In bloom now is Phrag. caudatum x Will Chantry, Phrag. Praying Mantis, Phrag. Sunset Glow 4N, a bulbo hybrid, and some catts.

All of the above plants are also grown semi-hydroponically. I have always been into experimenting with different media (wine corks, aquarium gravel, crushed clay pots, etc) and tried S/H on a few plants after stumbling upon Ray's site. The orchids grew like weeds for me and I gradually shifted the whole collection to S/H with great results.

~ Joff
Welcome to the forum!

Just in case you haven't caught on to what it is we promote here, let me welcome you to do the following:

Link to other orchid sites- including other forums. We appreciate seeing other sites and information is promoted above all else here.

Put whatever you want in your sig. Commercial links are acceptable as long as they are orchid related or cool.

And I would encourage you to post plenty of photos. I for one would like to see your grow area, as a window wall sounds pretty cool.

We don't all get along all the time, but I can promise you we are good people if you give us some time to get to know you.


growing since 11, eh? :clap:

I'm just recently de-lurked myself, although I can't say that I've been on OSF. My credit was not good enough for them.....

Anyway, welcome !!!

Hi Joff,

Greeting From One East Grower To Another. Look Forward
To Seeing Some Of Your Plants In Bloom


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