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Nov 1, 2023
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New Jersey
Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I first became interested in Paphs many years ago after buying one at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I only really got into orchids as a hobby, however, in early 2022. Since then, I’ve gone a bit crazy, and I’m now growing about 40 Paphs, all in my dining room! I also joined my local orchid society - which is fantastic! - and have been to a few shows.

So far, I am mostly drawn to species and primary hybrids, but my collection has a little bit of everything!

Here is a picture of most of my plants, who live on an old dry sink in front of an east-facing window. They are a bit crowded, I know!


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Hello Elizabeth,
Welcome aboard! What's the Hybrid in flower in the middle of your picture?
Kind regards, Jens, Copenhagen
Thanks! It’s Paph Astonishingly Presidential (Presidential Moon ‘Gallantly Pink’ x Astonishingly Wood ‘Parading Pink’). I got it in my society’s auction last month, but it came from Lehua Orchids.