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Hello all! I'm Ludisia from Finland.

I found this forum through the Orchid Board. Because Paphiopedilum is The Orchid for me, I deside to join here as well. I bought my first orchid over year ago and now I have 70 of them, half in the little orchidarium. I’ve 13 paphs and that will grow in the future!

I can grow miniature paphs with intermediate or warm growing conditions, because I’m living in the little flat without balcony. Paphs with mottled leaves are in the orchidarium and rest of them is on the windowsill where I can keep lower temperature.

Paphiopedilum King Arthur was the first flowering paph I saw in the flower shop. I was falling in love right away:smitten: . What the beautiful, big flower! I looked like some mad women grinning:D there. It took a while, I had calm enough to choose best looking paph for me.

So I’m mad about paphs.:drool: :crazy: You are the people to understand that. I think paphs have big personality - almost like a pet for me.:wink:
Ludisia said:
I bought my first orchid over year ago and now I have 70 of them,...
Welcome, Ludisia. I love your name.
And don't we all know that story! (about starting with one orchid, soon to be multiplied by dozens)
I'm sure you know there is a beautiful orchid with your name: Ludisia discolor.
Thanks to all:)
Yes, I like Ludisia discolor very much. It was one of the very first orchids for me.
Hyvää payvää Ludisia,
welcome to this forum.
I hope you will enyoy it and will get many more ideas about Paphs and Phrags here.

Best greetings


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