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Hello All,
I have so far about 40 orchids (variety and; a Phrag Bel croate (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) I got in 10/2005 and has not rebloom yet;3 paphs (Paph. Delophyllum, with a flower just opened with 2 more buds). Im not sure but the flower looks small compared to other paph's flower I have seen. The pouch is about an inch long. Is this normal? I feed it with: 1/2 tsp grow more
/a gal per week, 1/4 tsp Calmag, 1/4 tsp hormex, 1 drop superthrive, under 42w cfl/8 hrs/day. I placed it near the window with east sunshine in June. humidity is about 35-45 (its tough here in dry colorado). Any comment on the size of the flower, I will appreciate. Thanks.
p.s. I read somewhere that phrag and paphs are heavy feeders
Paphs & phrags for the most part are NOT heavy feeders.
Is this a first time bloom for this plant? If so, don't worry about it, the flowers typically, get larger as the plant gets more mature & stronger.
Welcome! Where in Colorado are you? My father was raised in Co. Springs. Matt Gore, who is a member (and a super grower and vendor) here is also in CO.

re: your plant, sometimes flowers get larger as they open and age. I don't think you're over feeding. Most recommendations are for 1 tsp. per gallon but it depends on your fertilizer of course.

Thanks Marco, GoldenR, Heather. Two yrs ago, I got the plant bareroot with new growth(the flowers are from this new growth), there maybe bloom from 2 old plant. Im using ½ tsp Grow More 20 10 20/gal/week. Should I change it to 1tsp? Heather, Im in Colsprings and a member of the CSO society. Your Dad still here in Springs?
Nope, he moved east and settled in MA with my mom and sadly, is no longer with us. We still have some cousins there. I have fond memories of visiting when I was about 7 and was able to get back to visit Garden of the Gods a few years ago when I lived in New Mexico.

My dad's family home was near the Broadmore.

photo of the small delophyllum flower:

Hi Star;

I may be speaking at the CO Springs Orchid Society next month. I was invited, but it happens to be on my SO's birthday... and we had other plans. Hopefully we can work something out :) If so, I'll bring along some nice plants, and hopefully will get a chance to meet you :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Thanks slipperfan. Hello Matt, The Pres of the CSOS mentioned about your webpage in our last meeting (i just read the minutes...). Looking forward to meeting you.

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