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I've been nuturing orchids for approximately 3 years. My first paph, from HD only lasted 6 wks:sob: ; it had something wrong with it when I bought it (top buds were shriveled) and foolish me I bought it anyway and wasn't even smart enough to repot it. That was about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I have acquired and successfully bloomed/rebloomed &/or grown approximately 80 orchids of various types, but no paphs/phrags until a year ago. I bought a NOID paph at HD after looking at it VERY carefully and recently it has rebloomed for me in spades--one of the old spikes has one branch with a bloom and 3 buds looks like more to come, the other old spike has two branches with two buds almost ready to open and numerous other buds and the plant has also put out a third spike which has 4 open blossoms at this time. The color of the blossoms is an extremely bright yellow with red lines all over and a fluorescent pink lip. Due to my success with this one, I recently went crazy and ordered 11 paphs and a phal:rollhappy: , now I've got to figure out where to put them since this winter the orchids are all in the house.
I was going to take a pic today, but my camera's disk was full. I have to go buy another tomorrow. I keep my disks as backup in case the computer eats everything inside of it.
Welcome Ellina! Did I meet you when I was in Austin last spring??? Member of the Orchid Society there? Of the cities I visited in TX, would move to Austin in a second! Nice feel to the place- love college towns. Was there too early for the bats under CSB though. Houston is pretty far down on the list. :)

I love Austin, and one of my fondest memories is sitting on the grass watching the bats fly out from under the bridge as the sun sets.

Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is very nice.
Welcome! If you think it's bad in Austin in the Winter, regarding bringing your plants inside the house, come to Michigan...
I have friends in Austin and sure hope to visit
this year sometime.
I love it there.
I'm in Seattle now....Ft Worth native.


ps...I agree..the plant you are describing sounds like a phal to me too.