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I am a member over at The orchid source forum, and Terraforums. I have been growing orchids fora bout 3 years,a nd have been getting more into slippers. I have a few, but trying to better my skills at them. I live in GA, and have a homemade green house where I growe my 100+ orchids of various genera. While I was on vacation in Fla I visited Ratcliffe Orchids, and the gentleman I dealt with told me about the site so here I am. I hope to get some good info, and contribute where I can. Thanks for having me.

Hi Josh, I think I know you from over there. I post as Neofalcata at Orchid Source.

Welcome to the forum, and remember that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.
Thanks for the welcome everyone! I am glad to be here, and so far have I have recieved a bunch of good info on my soon to aquire Cyp acaule plants. eOrchids yes it is nice to see another person from terraforum. Phrag Glad to see other Orchid source folks over here too.