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I just recently discovered this site and I have been enjoying reading the opinions of other orchidists. We are few and far between, at least here in Southern Ontario. I have been growing orchids in my home for 7 or 8 years now and have mostly slippers. Among my collection I have a couple pulsars, one of which is a vini. There is 'Druid Spring'(drurdyi), 'Oto'(a Winston Churchill hybrid), 'Dragontale'(superdii x sanderianum), Michael Koopowitz. I also have a couple phrags. Is it just me or is Michael Koopowitz extremely slow? Any thoughts on this one?:(
Yes, welcome.

I don't have a Michael Koopowitz, but some of the multiflorals seem slower than others. Are you growing under lights?
Welcome! Nice selection of paphs!

We look forward to your picture posts as well!
Hello again. Thank you for all the attention. It may be awhile before I have pictures since the slippers aren't spiking just yet, some are seedlings. Unfortunatley, 'Oto' was burried much too deep in it's pot when I bought it last year, so I had to do surgurey to stop the brown rot in the crown. It is recovering now with new growth. It did flower and it looked much like the picture on OrchidWeb. 'Dragontale' is also a seedling I just got in October, but is it growing quickly. MK was the last one they had and it was so yellow, but I have been giving it lots of fertilizer and it has turned nice and green and plump! Good point about the sanderianum and slowness. My Paph. 'Angels Flight' is developing a bud so I will post it when it opens. And yes, I do grow some of my plants under lights, but my oncidium hybrids take up lots of space too. By the way, my Phrags are 'Geralda' and 'Andean Fire'. Both of which should flower in the next few months. Are there other canucks here? We haven't had snow yet, but the gardens and colour are done for the year and this always get my orchid juices going! Thanks for the welcome all.

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