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Hello, I wanted to take a second and say hi to everyone. Blake just introduced me to his forum and I can't believe I haven't been here before. I see a lot of names I recognize from other forums. Well anyways, greetings and I look forward to getting to know you guys!

Welcome to the forum! Marilynn told me about her 'search' findings, sounds like a great idea!!! I do quite a bit of mounted, I'll have to give it a try! What type of orchids do you have?
Hey guys thanks for the welcome, nice group here!


My orchid collection is dominantly Cattleya alliance because they are so easy to grow and sell and survive my inability to spend as much time as I'd like in the greenhouse. I depend on a sprinkler system, timer and fertilizer injector to raise my orchids as of late, but my personal collection indoors are Masdie and other pleuro's. In my modest greenhouse I have a good mix, my share of slippers and little group of Phals (I've been weeding out my hybrids for bench space but keeping species), Bulbo's, Stanhopea, Gongora, Lycaste, Habineria, Gastochilus, Brassia, Brassavola, Onteglosom, Miltassia, Miltonia, Dendrobium (love the latouria type), Dockrillia, Oncidium, Vanda, some Epi's and I'm sure I'm forgetting others.
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WELCOME. I'm sure you will enjoy this forum. We grow a whole lot of slippers and many other things. You sure grow quite a collection of everything. We need to see your photos.

I sure love your Swampsticks for Bulbos.


I just read your email I'll have those out to you on Monday. Ok, here are a few photos I had on my work computer, I'll post more when I get home.


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I see you sell the "new" primeagra. Have you had problems with it like some other members on this forum?
Oh I can't forget our local slipper...Cyp. acaule. I head out every year in May with my GPS and mark the acaule populations I can find on Pine Mountain in Southern Kentucky. Last year I plotted the locations of over 250. I plot the data onto aerial photos to identify their distribution. At some point I hope to collect enough data to show how specific they are to certain areas on the mountain as their habitat is encroached upon, and the pines are slowly dieing. I can already see a pattern and by that can indentify areas of high probability before I head out for a hike. I doubt I will ever collect enough data in my lifetime to show if the populations are in decline or strong, but I would like to write a book or at least a white paper on it some years down the road.

Again, I have much better photos at home but heres one:


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I do sell the new PrimeAgra, but have not had any problems myself. Having said that, I have a customer whose Phals are withering and I can't identify the cause. Blake was telling me that a number of you are having problems, and he did some testing that showed some discouraging results. I honestly don't have any data other than what Ray Barkalow supplied me when he switched or improved the media. I'll point out that I just potted up about 250 Cattleya's in the new PrimeAgra few months ago. So if there were ever an opportunity to collect some data, here it is. I'll keep you all posted, but so far after a few months they are growing strong. I keep a pretty good flush on them due to the sprinklers but I'll go and take a look tonight and see if I notice any salt build up.
Hmm, we'll I'll do a few pH tests tonight and see what I come up with; both with fresh media off the pallet, and some that has been in use. I'll post those results too. It would be interesting to see how those compare to Lance and Blake's results; though the best test is the orchid...
Looks like I got into this thread late -- but welcome, growinhydro.com -- I have a few of my orchids in S/H, several different genera. But it doesn't work for me for everything.
Actually, I think the problem Lance had was that it effected the ph. Paphs would be more suseptible to problems if the ph goes out of whack, than cattleyas or many other genera.

Here's a link to the thread about it http://www.slippertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2759&highlight=primeagra

I was just curious what your results were.

The problem with the New PrimeAgra is both with pH and accumulating salts. The material is very different from the old. I think as long as a person uses a lot of water (flushes) the media would be OK for tolerant orchids like Catts.
I found it to be detrimental to paphs and phrags no matter how much flushing is given. It should not be used interchangeably with the old PrimeAgra using the same watering techniques, perhaps it should be given a new trade name? If a person follows the basic rules that applied to the old PrimeAgra there is potential for disaster within a short time (30 days?). Not good at all for small seedlings.

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