Has anyone experimented using Canna additives and Great White Mycorrhizae?

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Jan 11, 2023
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Hi all,

Just wondering if there are any high-tech growers that use Canna laboratories additive products for their orchids at all? I'm interested to know any thoughts on their use and effects with slippers.

I have used these with great success for other plant genera and have recently started experimenting with orchid application.

In particular, Rhizotonic for root acceleration and Great White for beneficial fungi/bacteria inoculation with recently deflasked Sun Roths (as well as the rest of my orchid collection), and soon to introduce Cannazym for efficient processing of dead root matter and media health.

Love to hear from anyone else interested or experienced with this type of thing.

Thanks in advance Cypripedionauts!
I put a pinch of Mycorryzia into the pots when repotting, but that is an annual (or in some cases, bianual thing. I do use Gia Green rock dust. Not the answer you are asking for, but at least it will start a conversation. What I have been thinking about slippers is that your "shade and base of tree" types (Vietnamese, Henrianum, etc.) According to "Paphiopedilums" Monograph by Braem, Chiron & Ohlund, leafy humus is differentiated as the substrate not (for instance, large or small bark). Whether Paphs grow naturally in leafy hummus really changes the concept of what to grow paphs in. (Great results may get down to what trees the decaying material comes from, what rocks and minerals are near-- So either way it is a symbiotic relationship between some set of conditions, and the plant.

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