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i was wondering that too.
but some, well, kinda glad they aren't around.....

just make sure if you are worried about a plant, you don't love it to death. paying too much attention or changing things too quickly or frequently can result in the plant dying....
Let's not muddy this thread with old history.

Seems to me it was muddied right from the beginning. I hate those long winded posts. I couldn't even get past the first paragraph without feeling I already lived for too long. :eek:
If memory serves me right, Mahon was the one and only person banned from Slippertalk.....although I think he was banned from other groups as well.
Thank you for your responses, I understand why we have no news.
Although threads on this subject was interesting and deserves a development on the part of those who had inspired to produce their own potting material.

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