Happy Solstice!

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I wasn't thinking Happy Solstice when the sun beamed in my eyes extra early this a.m. and woke me up...
I though the perfect way to celebrate the solstice was going to an outdoor concert...Richard Thompson at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Brooklyn...yes...an outdoor concert in june....thunderstorm season. Of course, just as Richard Thompson came on, the rain arrived...with thunder and lightning....outdoors....sitting on metal chairs....holding my metal umbrella....I got drenched within minutes....got to spend the solstice soaking wet and freezing my butt off....couldn't even go out to dinner afterward because I felt so crappy (not to mention restaurants don't appreciate customers with soaking wet butts.....)....oh, yeah....the music was fantastic and worth the misery! Take care, Eric
It's also my anniversery (I planned it that way to help remember the date:eek:).

So I have 2 reasons to make it one of my favorite days of the year.
I love winter solstice (Australia)........it will all get better from here on.


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