Happy Birthday Heather!!!

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I didn't notice your birthday cake down at the bottom until I read about it in a thread. I sure hope you are eating and drinking and trying to enjoy your day among the festivities! I will raise a toast to you today...Cheers!:D
Happy birthday also from Germany and enjoy all your orchids, especially your Mexipediums!
HEllo from Germany
Happy Birthday!!! and on Thanksgiving? Well, that just means you have to drink twice as much..............take care, Eric
Toast to our wonderful administrator @ 'mummy' to younger members... =D Happy Birthday..!!


Well, thank you all!

Mummy's a little strong but I'll take it better this year than I did a few years ago. Hell, at this point, it may be my only chance! :)

Thanks guys.

When I was a child, I HATED my birthdate - first of all, it is in November, possibly the dreariest month in the year. It's on the horoscopal cusp (Scorpio/Saggitarius, who the hell am I?) I always had a damn turkey on my cake. Finally, my older sister's was exactly a week before mine; I didn't understand why she got to open presents first when I was little. I have definite b-day angst.

However, it's nice to have the day off every eight years or so. Thanks for the well wishes. Means a lot to me!
happy belated bday!

November is my favorite month, btw. Early winter/end of fall - the best time ever.

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