Guess the primary cross

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Jon in SW Ohio

Reefer, the legal kind
Jun 9, 2006
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Springboro, Ohio
Another old primary, anyone recognize it? The one parent definitely dominates it.


I take back my last guess...Rick keyed me into the spots on the dorsal. Thanks Rick

I think its either

(sukhakulii x insigne) or (sukakulii x exul)
Holy crap Rick! I didn't think anyone would get it! Well Done! (you too Marco;))

It's Paph. Leslie 'Tommy Miller Cox' AM/AOS (sukhakulii x exul) awarded back in 1983. This flower is nowhere near as impressive as it is in the award slide, but this is the first time I've seen it bloom in person. It always amazes me just how dominant sukhakulii is as a parent, even when in the background of a complex hybrid.

At first I thought insigne, but the DS spots were not that prominent, and there was a nice white rim around the DS edge.

I'm surprised that this flower did not pick up hardly any gloss or substance from the exul too