Guess the primary? A real Paph unknown

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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
Here's another one to guess. The difference here is that only one person knows what this cross is and he's not around to tell. This plant is from a cross that was custom flasked by Windsong Orchids. However, the gentleman who did the cross left the area, telling Windsong to keep the flasks, but not giving them the parents. The only clues we have to go on are:
1. This person had always done primary crosses
2. The identifying code on the flasks was PBASE?
3. The plants are blooming on growths with a leaf span of 6-7 inches

Here's a picture of the flower

And here's a picture of the foliage. Some had slight mottling like this one and some had solid green coloring.

WOW! That is a good guess! I was thinking Paph. tonsum x Paph. insigne for a second, but those somewhat succulent leaves and the green coloration on the staminodial shield makes me agree that it's Paph. barbigerum... I agree with Jon... :)

tonsum X helenae ?

For mine tonsum is well represented in the petals of the plant shown - the size of the plant and the foliage, which resembles my sukhakulli X helenae cross, says the other parent is possibly/probably helenae. The dorsal though is a little off putting - but the size of the plant is a factor which makes me believe the parent was "small".

I'm going for the tonsum x barbigerum too...

tonsum for the leaves and barbigerum for the size and dorsal colouration...
I think if Paph. helenae were in the cross, the leaves would be even more succulent-like, and much shorter... some of the Paph. helenae leaves on a blooming size plant measure about 9cm-11cm long... the width of the leaves are about 1cm wide... Paph. barbigerum is slightly larger... :)

My first impression was wtf?

Definitely looks like a Subgenus Paphiopedilum x Subgenus Sigmatopetalum cross.

tonsum x barbigerum sounds like a good guess to me. I dunno what PBASE could mean. Perhaps Paph barbigerum x ?...

Definately tonsum is one of the parents, and for the second parent I would also guess barbigerum


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