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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
One of my wilhelminae got down to 2 growths after this last blooming this spring, and I turned around and now its got 11 new growths. Do you think its the superthrive?

Have you been adding cocaine to the water?

I think wilhelminiae's are known for putting out a lot of growths. I would guess that a number of them don't grow very much larger, at least until others have reached maturity.

Fusarium fungus?

Was this plant doing poorly at any time, any rotting on any shoot, or any browning?

I have 2 wilhlems, and I think it was the other one that did loose a few leaves to erwinia, but its hard to recall. The other one has put on 3 or so growths. This crazed one bloomed well this spring, with 2 flowers on the spike.

I use ST at 1/4tsp/gal, and readjust the pH to 7.2 with protekt.

The growth of some of these growths will undoubtedly slow, but I've been surprised how much they have taken off in the last week or so. Root growth is realy good right now too.
I was also about to say that you should check the roots....hopefully this is a sign of excellent health and growing conditions...but it worth checking to see if its pathological root conditions...Take care, Eric
They're in clear pots, and there wasn't allot of new root action until about a month ago,but they look pretty good now.
wilhelminiae is a notorious @$#^@$@ clumper (as are some of its hybrids). when all those darn things mature you might have quite a show though.

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