Grosourdya muscosa :)

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Mrs. Paph

Alright, I confess: I am a Paph-addict with a side habit of funky little miniature mounted plants!!! :rollhappy: Can't take the credit for growing and spiking this, but I've had it for 3 weeks now and it was happy enough to keep the spike and produce a bud and bloom, so I'll take it :)


Sorry this is fuzzy...tried a few shots, but ultimately decided it gave enough of an idea of the shape to just post it for that :)

And one more angle, with flash. Sometimes I'm in the mood to try for really great photos, but mostly I'm content with a decent little look at the blooms to share with others - like these pics :)

Uploaded with

Also picked up a Lepanthopsis astrophora 'Stalky' at the same time, but it's current blooms are a little disheveled from the vendor's trip by plane, so maybe some pics of it later once it's settled in and blooming some new spikes! Oh...and I might have bought a roughly near blooming sized Tuberolabium kotoense yesterday at my local OS meeting too :p The vendor said it was highly fragrant (coconut I hear), and the plant and roots are extremely robust looking, so I had to, right? :eek:
It does have a weird name, doesn't it! Try looking for info on it and typing it in spelled wrong on google etc. and then you get some really weird results LoL I need to make a more legible tag for it so I don't try to look it up again in the future and have to see all those results about 'gross mucous' of various body parts LoL