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I tried to think of a catchy title, but I must be tired because I could only think of lame things. Course, some people say that is normal for me.

Anyway, I got my shipment from Matt today. I am not sure how much I should say, but he dug deep on a plant or two for me. He was going to dig even deeper, but I chose not to go with that plant.

This is what I got:

liemianum (#3 x #1) IN SPIKE (like I said, he dug deep for me) Those are some catchy clonal names there!!!!

spicerianum (‘Commander’ x ‘Acker’s Top Hat’) A nice three growth plant that I am hoping to encourage into blooming this year.

lowii (‘Cold Mountain’ x ‘Too Goo Doo’) Excellent maturing single growth. Blooming size?

moquettianum (‘W.J.’ x ‘Big Chuck’) A fairly small guy. Blooming in '08?

and a barbigerum compot. I don't even plan on trying to count the cute little buggers until I break them up.