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Bob Wellenstein

I wish "slippertalk" the best of luck in becoming the kind of forum that can be a very useful tool for all of us to learn about our favorite plants. It is off to a good start in that it appears the founder(s) do not appear to be egotistical paranoid control freaks, but rather reasonable people interested in fostering honest dialogue. All of us base what we learn on those that passed down this path before us, and those that respect their mentors have my respect. The quickest way to spot the phony "sock puppet" experts that unfortunately pop up is their attempts to gain fame by attacking the very people they should be crediting and thanking, so here's a big thank you to our growing and breeding mentors. The best compliment we can pay them is by carefully building on what we have learned from them with our own observations and sharing what we have observed. This is what brings me back to occasional forum participation, although my main vehicle for this is our webpage, which I vow to find the time in a very busy schedule to get back to work on.

I also urge people to separate their egos and self from their plants when participating. This not to say that you should not be proud of what you have done, but rather realize that the pleasure of growing and learning and possessing wonderful plants is best shared, not lauded over others. Some of the finest growers, with some of the finest plants that I know of, are often totally unknown to the larger Paph growing community. We only got to know about them as customers. Again, my respect goes out to those who grow the plants for the love of the plants, and not to try to gain fame or infamy as the case may be. My respect is at least as great for the person who carefully tends his Paph. fowliei as for the person who, because of greater access to funds, has dozens of Paph. sanderianums.

I also urge people to remember that growing these plants is really a privilege, not and inalienable right, and they should keep that in mind when faced with many of the questionable situations that seem to pop up in the slipper world. Good luck with the forum!
I agree with Bob with his sentiments about mentors and sharing information. My experience has been to learn from a few people with a lifetime of knowledge, and have tried to share with others what I have learned. Of course, we are continually learning until the day we drop, but experience should be shared so others can learn. I miss the people that aren't with us anymore, but will always value their spirit.
There are many out there that are not involved with orchid societies and are unknown to most of us. I grew orchids in total anonymity for at least 10 years myself.
Don't let egos get in the way, we are not our orchids, nor are we equivalent to the quality of our plants.
Thanks Bob for sharing your sentiments and knowledge!
Good points.
It's funny though, I've always read about or heard about those people who are crooked and backstab eachother to make money or make themselves look good...not just orchids, but now coral people too since I'm spending more and more time in that circle too. They get all the press, and give outsiders a grim view of "orchid people". I've personally never met these types. I don't doubt their existance, but everyone I've ever met through this hobby has been wildly generous and so kind you almost wonder what they're up to at times.

All my mentors young and old showed me just how kind and caring people can be, despite what you read or hear. Friends I've yet to see in person also show these qualities, and it is my sincere pleasure to pay it forward. When you treat others you have never met the way you would treat your best friend it speaks volumes about you. Just ignore these negative people, I grow orchids to meet other orchid people as much as I do to enjoy growing them. You've come to a place full of these people that never cease to amaze me.

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I have had the fortune to get to know some great people through orchid growing. I have never met many of them in person, but the power of the internet is that it allows me to feel like I have through our daily conversations.

I know how frustrating it must be, Bob, to deal with untruth about something you are obviously so passionate about. The members here are very passionate as well, though some of us are very green (no pun intended). Ask anyone who has talked to me even slightly in depth and they will tell you that the one action I won't abide is lying. Spreading untruth is destructive and pointless.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this forum is the ability of members to speak freely, within reason. As long as the speech is not abusive, it can be posted. Along with that, comes a great responsibility. The moderators and administrators of the forum are very careful not to interfere with anything posted here. And to date we have had very few problems.

With that being said, it is also important to point out that I have found at least one member who posts on this board to be untruthful. So far, they have not posted anything that might be considered wrong advice or said anything publicly that could be disproved scientifically, but it is only a matter of time. And when that happens, you can guarantee that there will be people who respond and reveal just how nonsensical lying can be. Making a simple mistake is one thing, but boldfaced lies are something quite different. Time will flush out the foolish.
Well, I for one really appreciate a forum in which I can feel completely relaxed, knowing that no one is about to cut my message or send me a nasty PM simply because I said something favorable about the wrong person...I have made it a point to never, ever say anything critical about anyone else in public internet discourse...and yet I still found myself censored (at best) and privately reprimanded simply for posting links to other sites that I felt had valuable info...unfortunately, the "wrong" person's sites.....on that "other" slipper site, of course... thanks to everyone who worked at getting this site running! Take care, Eric
Thanks all for providing a place that can be called home on the internet. The wealth of information, friendliness, generosity and fun is abundant. I don't ave much to say that hasn't already been said, so i'll simply reiterate - thanks, guys!!:D
My thanks goes out to everyone at the forum as well. And Heather for finding me :) my dear enabler. This forum is my little getaway spot at home and at work. It contains not only a wealth of great information and resources but also a variety of wonderful people. And also provides me a place to be my normal self :poke:

Thanks again everyone. :)

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