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Jun 7, 2006
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I am taking a rather long break from this place. Dont get me wrong, all of you hold a very special place in my heart (most of you, anyways). However, I have more on me right now than I can handle and I need to focus on that instead. Heather and Candace can handle any administrative issues you have and I will continue my financial responsibilities here.
Also, I am selling the majority of my remaining collection. Do not pm me with questions about them. I will ONLY give names and prices to people I know and those people are resourceful enough to figure out how to find me.
see you later, much later.
Take a break-a short one, to focus on the important stuff in your life and come back soon! We'll miss you to bits.
Take care of yourself, Blake, and come back as soon as you get things sorted out.

Best wishes,
Best of luck, Blake. Your sense of humor will be missed by everyone here I'm sure! I felt so bad for you selling off plants--was very near there myself, and beyond sad about it in addition to everything else.

Take care.

Blake I hope this is just a 'vacation' & that you will be back soon in a much better place mentally.We'll all miss you!:)

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