Gloria Naugle

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This site may earn a commission from merchant affiliate links, including eBay, Amazon, and others. beautiful...the color pattern is very unique.
You are one happy owner.😊 we all know this breeding just does not flower. I have trashed 3 plants already and tried many ways.
love that pouch color... any chance we could get a side profile shot?

(for me these are kinda like lynleigh koopowitz, in that you can't have too many... :) )
I finally have one Gloria Naugle in sheath and I'm super excited since I have tried quite a few Gloria Naugle that never did anything for me.
Unfortunately though, it is the largest one of the cross I've had with its leaf at over 20cm in length and the leaves are very wide compared to any others I've gone through. I hope it will bloom out nicely for me.
This is a one of the nicer GN with an exeptionally good colouration. I'm no fan of GN because of the shape of the pouch....
The colors are beautiful, it looks like stained glass! I love it!

I really need one of thes. I used to think I couldn't bloom these parvi x roth hybrids, but I finally had some success with Paph. Harold Koopowitz, so I'm thinking it's time to try some of the others.