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Nov 14, 2022
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Today at judging we had 9 plants. Only one was awarded.
This is Clowesetum Alexandra Savva. The award was a 76 point HCC. Plant had 36 flowers and 13 buds on two inflorescences. Flower measured 4.6 cm. wide x 3.1 cm. tall. The longest inflorescence measured at 30.0 cm.
F52A60DC-48F9-4200-A52D-1A2CC212647A.jpeg 171AAD6E-F24F-4374-952D-A2057A31E9F0.jpeg 13EBFE10-6B9A-4F1B-B2A8-48A73B1F7610.jpeg
This grex has a total of seven previous awards, 6 AM’s and one HCC. Flowers ivory, spotted heavily with burgundy, fimbriated lip and a slight citrus fragrance.
Edited to add the parentage. My bad. This is Clowesia Rebecca Northern x Catasetum denticulatum.
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