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I was surfing and came across this site, I am growing paphs,phrags and vandas with some oddities thrown in as well as carnivorous plants. The paph's and phrag.'s are fascinating and I have a special interest in the dark, vini, black warty and hairy ones. There is a beauty in the grotesque, besides I find them exotic. I still gorw the large cattleya types so I view my greenhouse as a beauty and the beast area. I am from South Louisiana but live south of Atlanta now. I recently received an AOS award and have been fortunate enough to name an unregistered hybrid phrag after a deceased friend. She and her husband were avid orchid collectors in their youth.
I hope to to learn how to improve my ability to grow these exquisite plants as my greenhouse is my Eden-winning awards is secondary and I've no interest in breeding or flasking but others use my plants of pollen or pods.

My most recent experiment has been testing a new blend of potting mix for my paph, 2 part alifor, 2 part rock wool cubes and 1 part medium perlite. When I was repotting them, I wa amazed at the poor root systems on most of them. I was amazed they were even alive. Since repotting them, they appear to have been rejuvenated (OK i used a bit of superthrive and KLN) and are seemingly growing well. I am hoping that this luxuriant growth in also happening beneath the pot in the roots too. Admittedly I am a lazy grower and am seeking a potting medium that will not require me to repot 100 paphs.

Any ideas on how to help the roots develop into some of the ones I ahve seen on this site. Glad to be here
Welcome to the forum!

What is the name of the Phrag hybrid that you registered?

Yes, welcome, Patrix. You'll find you are not alone in trying to find potting mediums that won't break down quickly. For instance, check out the threads that discuss semi-hydroponics.
You'll have to tell me where in Atlanta you are one day.

Periodically I go down to the judging center there, and I'd love to see your Eden.

You should post some pics
Patrix are you goiing to the Atlanta Show next weekend? Sam Tsui(Orchid Inn), Norito Hasegawa(Paphanatics), and Hadley Cash(Marriott Orchids) will all be there vending their paphs.

Speaking of Norito, I am getting to meet him this weekend at my OS. Yippee....
I am intending to go Sunday all things considered (chemo) and hope there are some really good things left. Sounds like ti is going to be a great show. I just won an award at the Anniston show for a Vanda-well my orchid won, our club did well. Any leads on good growers for paph/phrags?
Hey there Patrix

Welcome to the forum - Two words for you Mate :)

Transparent pots.

Be a perv and watch the roots grow too (although it really depends on which medium you use as algae or moss can quickly interfere with your view)

Thanks Stephan for your suggestion on clear pots, I had been thinking about using them even though they are a bit more expensive. I splurged and bought a bunch from Charlies this morning- so your suggestion comes as a validation of my choice- again glad to be here

And thanks to all who have sent in info on how to post pictures, I will try

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