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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
This is one of my favorite Hostas. Prior to getting into orchids I was into Hostas and had 200 varieties. It was a terrible thing to have a Hosta glad I am no longer obsessed ;) I put a quarter in the picture for size perspective.


Here is one of my garden sculptures. This one is named Felix.


A couple of water lilies


Wow, that last water lily is fabulous!
You have such pretty property there, Ron. I'm glad you didn't end up moving.

I have mixed feelings about hostas though. Love the foliage, the flowers, not so much. My mom has a couple planted with Astilbe and Heuchera and I have to say I've been admiring how pretty the variegation is with the Astilbe in bloom.
Heather there are times I just cut the flowers. Although I have one I bred that has nice fragrant white flowers. and I have another with rose shade blooms.
Wow! That garden sculpture looks super real! Who's the artist? I actually have one of a boxer, I have it laying next to me right now.
yes he is a rat terrier. He is about to turn three later this month. He killed his first rat this week. I have never seen a rat in this area before but for a few days he was insistent on getting into the garage and kept going to an area where I have things stored. Well I found the rat dead on the lawn and now he isn't going back to the storage area. He also likes to hunt snakes, which I prefer he would leave be.

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