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I've had it with these two. One is Phrag Carol Kanser, and it hates me. I've had it for about a year, never doing well, always dying at the leaf tips, nothing I do helps, and it's finally getting new root growth - actually has several nice white roots, couple inches long. But enough already.

The second is an Onc NOID, one of my first orchids, it's a Gower Ramsey type, quite pretty, and bloomed 3 times a year when it was happy. It's no longer happy. Most of the roots are gone, but the PBs are still there, so this one can come back fine if you have the time to take care of it. I just am tired of plants that whine :)

I know they're not much, but they're yours for free. We can deal with shipping costs, it's not gonna be much, and honestly I don't even care. Just feel bad throwing these in the garbage, but there they will go in a few days unless one of you saves them :)

The roots you see on Carol are pretty much all alive (they're not mushy, and several like I said are white and nice). The roots on the NOID are pretty much goners.

And here's the Gower Ramsey NOID in bloom

John I like pink Phrags...I'll take the Phrag Carol Kanzer off your hands. You have had problems with this one from the beginning, if I recall correctly.
Carol is yours, my friend. Is it safe to mail plants this time of year? I mean, I know it's not, but then again, these aren't the taj mahal of plants. If you think it's safe, I can mail it on Wednesday - I'm traveling Monday and Tuesday, and tomorrow running with Ki to whatever orchid show is going on in Richmond. If that works, PM me your mailing address, and name :)

And yeah, I think I have a problem growing Carol K's period. I had one that started dying, Rob was kind enough to send me a second, and it's been doing the same thing, which makes me think that they don't like my conditions. And judging by the leaf tips, they probably REALLY want RO water or something relatively clean.

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