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Hey all,

For the next few days, you will need to contact Heather if you have problems with the forum. I will be here randomly if I can, but I am not feeling well and I need to recouperate.

I pulled a muscle in my leg which led to a pinched nerve, so I am dealing with pain issues.


Dude, take care of that leg right now while you can. I'm still recuperating from an injury I chose to ignore over a year ago. My PA assures me it's not just part of getting old so nobody better suggest that as the problem.:mad:

Take care, get better.


Wow, what an interesting two days.

I had been having some mild pain in my hip for about two weeks or so. It would come and go, and wasn't enough pain for me to justify going to the doctor over.

Then on Tuesday morning, I started feeling worse. I went to an urgent care doctor. She prescribed some painkillers and stretching excercises. By 9 p.m. Tuesday night, I was in the emergency room unable to walk. My left leg from hip to toe shut down except for some intense waves of pain. I was given a shot, and I was able to walk out of the hospital on my own.

Yesterday, I had a repeat episode and went back to the emergency room. One shot and a new prescription later I am feeling just ok. Not good, but not horrible. Now I am on anti-inflammatory meds to hopefully reduce the swelling that is pinching off the nerve in my left leg.

If that doesn't work, I get the joy of seeing a neurosurgeon next week.


They are leaning towards sciatica because my back isn't hurting enough for it to be a disc. At this point, the pain is presenting from my hip down to my ankle, and alternates with intense numbing and tingling. Fingers crossed that it keeps improving over the next few days.


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Jun 9, 2006
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Doing any better John?

I hope so. Sciatica can realy lay a person out.

I had some similar pinched nerve problems in my left arm earlier this year. Couldn't even pick up the phone without feeling zapped and dropping it.

8 or so visits to a chiropracter, and good as new.:clap:

Take Care Rick


I am on day four of the steroids. I think they are working, because I was able to get out of bed yesterday and today. And the pain pills are actually taking the pain away. So I hope I am pushing through to the other side of it.