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I hope I can explain my question accurately. Please excuse my terminology, if I goof up. (Corrections are very welcome :rollhappy: ) I've been watering my Paphs & Phrags via a hose/spray system that hooks up to my kitchen sink. It is very efficient and saves lots of time.

I want to get an attachment that Kelley's Korner sells that will allow me to add fertilizer to my tap/well water. It siphons fertilizer from a container and adds it to the tap water. I use MSU fertilizer made for tap/well water.

Does anyone water their plants using this kind of set up? I'm interested in how 'strong' I should make the fertilizer solution. Won't it get diluted when mixed with the tap water??? :confused:

Any advice is very welcome! Thanks!
They should be able to tell you the siphon ration, typically it something like 16:1 - in this case you just make the fertilizer mixture 16 times what you want to use. Be aware that this type of device is notoriously inaccurate and uneven in delivery, varying with water pressure.
Very accurate descriptions by Bob & Lance. I have used a similar device that you place the syphon tube into a container of strong fert' as per instructions with device. Length of hose, the type of water breaker/rose on the hose & water pressure will upset the system.