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Anyone have a favorite coffee?
I have been drinking waaaaay tooo much coffee in recent months as I study study study. So I decided to sample coffees from different parts of the world. Here are my top 3 favorites:

1- My favorite is India Monsooned Malabar. I think it's cool how it got the name. Here's a description from a website:
To make, or "Monsoon" the coffee, plantation arabica is laid out in the open and exposed to monsoon winds and rains for about a week, then placed in bags in warehouses exposed to the salt and sea winds during the monsoon season. The beans swell with moisture and turn a pale yellow. This coffee tastes like no other, and it is usually a love-hate relationship.

2 - Sulawesi Toraja (aka Celebes Kalossi). Kinda chocolately, nutty, and fruity, all at the same time.

3 - Sumatra Mandheling. This is my choice for a mild coffee.
because I commute to work, and have two Starbucks (I know, I know, evil empire!) in close proximity, I tend to buy my coffee freshly made. Lately I'm trying to lay off the carbs so I either have a venti breve latte or an iced quad venti latte. Even more lately, such as this evening, I was wondering how exactly to phrase ordering an iced quint venti latte...

If I buy coffee, I buy whole bean and grind it at home of course and - you people are going to love this - I buy whatever is from the area closest to good paph habitat. You know, if they grow fine Paphs, well then.... So far, there has not been a Mt. Kinabalu blend, as far as I have seen....

I am SO hopeless....
I gave up coffee several years ago for tea. But, here's a very fine (perhaps none finer) bean, Kopi Luwak (google if you dare) :rollhappy:
Wait to see you, I will start my own thread on this. I roast my coffee. Seriously. I am a coffee nut.

My favorite: Jamaican Blue Mountain, but there are only limited batches and Japan tends to buy 3/4 of it, so it's pretty damn expensive.

Mostly, I like small peaberry coffee beans, and grind it myself and make it in my gorgeous espresso machine. Pictures included when I get off my lazy butt.
Heather I understand the SB bit. I used to go to SB every morning before work. Then it got expensive so i resorted to Folgers instants french vanila. lots of sugar. lots of milk....mmmmmmmmm. But i usually have either

1) venti mild with a lot of room for milk
2) venti earl grey with 2 tea bags and 6 packets of honey w/ milk
depends on how im feeling and how much caffiene i need.

Then if i need something cold its a caramel white chocolate frap

and If i want something sweet and warm not caffiene white chocolate mocha

Starbucks all the way! I'm to lazy to grind my own coffee
Fellow coffee nut here as well, and my ideal cup of coffee can strip the paint off a foot locker.

JBM is a favorite of mine, I just hate to pay the shipping on it. I usually just buy Starbucks Gold Coast Blend(my favorite of theirs) and grind it myself.

I only make it in a french press with RO water, and it comes out stronger than any esspresso I've ever had.

I must try this monsoon coffee, it sounds very interesting.

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Jon, have you had Yemeni? It's damn good for espresso, and excellent for French Press, medium to dark roast. If not, I will send you some! Freshly roasted, too. (Roasted within two days.)
kentuckiense said:
I've never had coffee.

You've not missed anything, in my opinion. I really tried to like it -- everyone else did. Drank it every way I could think of for nearly a year, but then I said to myself that it was stupid to try to like something you just don't. I don't even like coffee flavored ice cream!

If it tasted like it smells, that would be a different story...
I just love Green Mountain's Blueberry coffee. Other days 8 oclock french vanilla. And ocassionally just plain maxwell house.

my favorite was a batch of high mountain andes that I got many years back...the source dried up and I haven't found it since. (I'll drink any good coffee but prefer the latin american beans).
I really can't stand coffee, I'm afraid. I agree with SlipperFan that some of it has a nice smell :) I grew up in the Seattle area, and was bombarded with coffee crazyness, but never found anything that I liked the taste of. I always told myself that if I tried for a few months, I could probably learn to like it... but I really think that there are too many things out there that I like instantly to bother with things that I have to learn to like :D

I am a bit of a Tea fanatic, though. I think that my favorite teas are high mountain oolongs, but I love just about any kind of tea, as long as it contains actual TEA leaves. None of these so called "fruit teas" and "herbal teas" :) that don't have any tea in them.

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It's tea for me. When I was living in India, I couldn't get a good cup of coffee to save my life. Started drinking tea. Have been hooked ever since. Nothing like a steaming cup of Assam with 2 spoons of sugar.
You all are bumming me. I gave up coffee about a year ago, but I still miss it allot.

One of my fav's was Cafe L'orange that my Mom used to send out from Trader Joe's I believe.

I also liked the iced coffee you could get at the Vietnamese resteraunts that use evaporated milk with there expresso type grinds.

So far the best I've been able to replace my coffee habit is the green tea frapacino stuff at Starbucks. Otherwise I get by on various green tea blends.