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Apr 21, 2020
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Chicago, IL

Over the past four months I’ve lurked here and learned as much as I could about Paph and Phrag culture and taxonomy. Since then I’ve amassed a small collection of slipper orchids, as well as many specific culture questions about my own plants. Facebook groups seem to be resistant or indifferent to questions from newbies, so I thought I’d finally make an account here to ask my questions. I’m happy to be here and ready to learn as much as I can!

I'm a member of NCOS. If you do join, happy to introduce you to others. There are a number of NCOS members on ST. Also be sure to come to the Paph Forum, which NCOS hosts, in January.

I would appreciate the introduction. And yes, I’ve heard of the Paph Forum. I really went down the rabbit hole in February, when I was able to attend the orchid shows in MD and VA, so when I was reading online that I had missed the Paph Forum by a month, I was pretty bummed out. Can’t wait to go next year though.
Welcome to ST from a neighbor in KY. I grow Phrags. and
species Phals. I can answer just about any question about
what not to do. ;>)
Hi neighbor! That’s great, I just got some phrag hybrids from Ecuagenera and I’ve been looking into obtaining a Phal. bellina and Phal. schilleriana at some point.
For Phals. go straight to Mr. Lin at Big Leaf Orchids...the
man can grow anything and also has Paphs. My schills are
blooming now and they are wonderful. He's also dabbling
in Phrags lately. You'll like him.
Northern VA. Normally I’m back and forth between here and RVA, so I’m familiar with both areas. What about you?
I lived in DC for Jr and Sr High, and get to Richmond a fair amount, as we have family there (Mechanicsville). I now live in Oak Island NC - residence #19.
Hi! Any recommendations for spots around RVA? I’ve been to Chadwick’s in Powhatan, and a few Strange’s locations.

The orchids at the Strange's in Richmond always look very sad. I actually didn't realize they had multiple locations :p. But they (and Snow's) are usually my go-to for everything non-orchid. Great places.

I haven't been there in a while, but Floradise in Gordonsville is worth a look. They had some slippers a few years ago and a nice selection of other orchids. All of the plants I've bought from them have been pretty vigorous. If you haven't already, I would also check out Al's Orchid Greenhouse (in Leesburg, I think). He mostly does phals, but has some slippers and an assortment of other genera.