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Well y'all, In doing my evening inspection of the plants, I noticed that the mini flask of Paph. Lake Shinsei (armeniacum x Conco-Bellatulum) that I got from ratcliffes earlier this year had a disk of a funky greenish mold. These have been fine for months so I figure it was a combination of air pressure and temp change and sheer bad luck that allowed a spore to get into the flask. Well, Knowing it isn't going to get better by itself, I cracked open the flask and pulled the babies out. I gently washed as much of the agar off as possible, gave the plants a good soak in Consan and then a good soak in water with superthrive. Potted up in sphagnum (for its antifungal properties) and put it in my Well sprayed down with consan wardian case (temp 75-80 90%humidity). Besides a good couple prayers, anyone have anything else I should do?

Hello Darin:
I would keep the Wardian case a bit open and have a fan creating air movement in the room. Make sure you keep the humidity low just after watering to dry off excess water from the leaves of the seedling. That is why a fan is important. If you are not sure let the seedlings dry off overnight. After the water evaporates from the leaves and crown close the wardian case a little more as to keep the humidity up for the first few months. Make sure your minimum temperature is 70 F at night. This temperature will promote growth. You will probably water the plants once or every two weeks depending on how moist the medium is.


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