Distorted Paph argus

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This one was shipped to me in bud, and the dorsal sepal seems to have suffered. I'm assuming that with the distortion, this is about as far as it's going to open.

I'm hoping that the next one to open has better shape :)




Anyway, there's nothing particularly special about this one... just thought I'd post a few more pics. I do like that on the last photo, you can really see the color in the spots on the dorsal.

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
I've got another about to bloom, I'll probably cross them. If you ignore the dorsal damage from shipping, it's a pretty decent one :) :) :)

- Matt
I should say, though, that the crazy pattern in the dorsal on Dot's is much cooler.

- Matt
The colors of this clone are very nice - Next year you'll get a nice flower-

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