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I was late night surfing and came across the site-looks like they have a nice Curtisii but the website is an adverture in paranoia not to mention too difficult to order from-it is worth a visit just to see how bizarre the design is. I never could figure out how to contact them for sales info. Much thanks to those vendors whose site are navigable-they are the ones I buy from
What an irritating website. I hate it when vendors refuse to list their prices, what's the point of having a listing in the first place? I don't want to enquire, I want to look at the listing and order.
I also got turned off by their site. Too many popups grrr...
I've tried emailing him and haven't received a response. I don't know if it's just me, or whether he's not really all that interested in selling plants.

- Matt
DATED THIS 14h day of June in the year 2001, DeValmont Orchids (hereto referred to as "DeValmont") do hereby make available to the general public residing in the United States of America, plants of Division Spermatophyta, Order Orchidales, Family Orchidaceae listed in Article II of this website.

Is this guy for real? It almost sounds like he's a lawyer making some kind of proclamation.......very strange the way the whole thing is worded. I can't work the site out........way to many popups and some don't seem to disappear anyway. Trying to navigate around it is a nightmare.
heard a LOT of bad things about this vendor, like mislabelled plants. i have not dealt with him, but this was years ago and I personally would take caution.