Dendrobium Joyce Kelly ‘White Queen’

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Feb 1, 2019
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I purchased this beautiful primary spectabile (x johnsoniae) hybrid from H&R booth in 2018 as their demo plant. I gave it as a present to my OB (orchid buddy) Stan as he loves these types.

It didn’t bloom since then until he gave it a cool dry winter rest. And voila! It threw two spikes with gorgeous porcelain white twisted flowers with black maroon striping. NS = 10 cm x 7 cm

Well done Stan!

Above is current blooming.

Below is when I bought it:

Makes me wonder what my Joyce Kelly x spectabile seedlings will look like in the future. Great photo!
Be interesting to see if this double dose of spectabile will resort back to looking like the original species with very twisted yellow flowers and mahogany veining.

Be interesting if the aureum form of spectabile was used.
I was speaking to Roy Tokunaga about making the cross with the aureum form of spectabile, and he reminded me that the aureaum variety is recessive for the yellow-green color. I really like the Joyce Kelly with the heavy influence of johnsoniae. Not sure how my Joyce Kelly seedlings with two tetraploid parents will work out. Apparently tetraploid seedlings usually show little or no variability within the group. So much for surprises!